Classical Guitars: Repairing the Guitar

J 160E new bridge
A vintage D-18 in dire need of some work. The bridge was about 1/2 off the guitar. After completing removing the bridge it was evident that the bridge itself was warped on the bottom. The bottom of the bridge needed to be cleaned and re surfaced to refit it to the top.
Once the top and the bridge were clean the re-gluing can take place. The photos show the clamping process. There are custom made blocks inside the guitar to distribute the clamp pressure and to protect the inside of the top and the top bracing.
This Classical Guitar needs a complete top replacement. Not a good thing to do to your guitar. This is how the guitar was presented to me. Top clearly smashed along with most of the top bracing. The top needed to be replaced. The bridge and the tone bars will be savaged
The first step was to remove the fragments of the top and to free the bridge form the top. Here the heating unit is softening the glue holding the fretboard to the neck. The fret board must be removed along with the top body binding. The frets have also been removed. They will be replaced.
The fretboard is off and the remainder of the top is being removed. This is a guitar that I had build with a Spanish heal neck. Note the two top tone bars are in good shape and have been left on the guitar body Click on the photo for a larger view. A new top was made and attached to the body. The top curly maple binding also needed to be replaced.

Here is the completed project. Once the top was on the guitar the top binding was replaced with new matching the old wood. The top was finished with the entire guitar being sanded and re-op coated.

As I had made this guitar I also updated the top bracing to the new standard and added some more design to the pegged. The result was a guitar that was actually better that the original. It was better than new.

An L10 Larrivee in a car crash

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