Classical Guitars: Building the Top (2 of 9)

The Top is braced with the a derivation of a Hauser fan type pattern.

The outside two fan braces on each side, the sound hole reinforcement, and the bridge patch are all made of western red cedar. The three center fan braces, the two tone bars and the bottom v braces are spruce.

This top is western red cedar. Spruce tops with this blended and tuned spruce and cedar bracing are very alive in their early life. With this concept the "Play-in time" is minimized. Both the cedar and spruce tops experience a wonderful aging and play-in that further enhances the tone of their tops.

This is the Rosette for guitar #48. The rosette is made by Jim Holler from highly spalted flamed maple. This wood contains a natural coloration that happens when the log is left wet for some time after the tree is cut or dies on the stump. I have a wood lot where several maple logs have been left laying on the ground to achieve this effect. One log has been cut and is being used for the head stock maple layer under the rosewood. Note the inner ring of rosewood on the inside of the rosette bordering the sound hole. This is an elegant extra ornamentation on the hand made rosettes. Also note the full 19th fret and the 20th fret extension. The top here is European Spruce. Many traditional and custom made rosettes are available. Inquire.
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